Suparno is a cartoonist and a digital media professional based in Silver Spring, Maryland. His early days cartoons were mostly on science and technology, sometimes business, and later he ventured into political lampooning.

A student of physics, Suparno earned a Ph.D but the art bug in him shifted his interest to digital media. His professional career shifted from physics to web technology and content and finally to digital strategy and marketing.

Suparno now shares his time between editorial cartooning and digital strategy development for businesses.

Suparno is married to Malabika, a scientist in CUA and they’re gifted by twin sons Adri and Arka and daughters-in-law Nadine and Andrea.

Here are some of his recent cartoons ranging from contemporary politics to science & technology to everything else. If you like them, drop him a note or ask for licensing.
(240) 593 8520